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Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond / Mobile Home Broker Bond

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Getting a Florida mobile home dealer bond is a key step to becoming a licensed mobile home dealer in the state of Florida. The mobile home dealer bond serves as an extra guarantee that your dealership will follow all rules and regulations that govern mobile home dealers in the state of Florida.

Just like all surety bonds, the Florida motor home dealer bond serves as protection for the general public, and not as insurance for your business. In case you don't follow the rules and your obligations under the bond, a claim can be made against you. If proven to be a legitimate claim, the penal sum of the bond is used to compensate the affected parties. The surety covers the costs of claims up front, which you’ll be required to reimburse in full. This means you should avoided having any claims, as they can cause serious harm to your business and finances.

Florida mobile home dealer bond

Florida Mobile Home Dealer / Mobile Home Broker Bond Cost

While $25,000 might seem like a large amount to pay, in reality, you only need to pay a percentage of it to get bonded, which is called the bond annual premium. The surety company will look at several factors to determine your mobile home dealer bond cost, most importantly, your credit score. Factors such as years licensed and years of industry experience will also play a factor in your dealer bond cost.

  • If your credit score is above 650, you’ll likely have to pay between .75% and 2% of the bond amount.

  • For applicants with credit scores between 600 and 649, the rates range between 2.5% and 4%.

Florida Mobile Home Dealer / Mobile Home Broker License and Renewal


Pre- License Requirements:

Step 1: Locate your nearest compliance examiner by going to our locations page, selecting your county and scroll to the Motorist Services Regional Offices section. Requirements for location, display space and office for motor vehicle dealers can be found in Florida Administrative Code 15C-7.003. Requirements for location, display space and office space for mobile home dealers and recreational vehicle dealers can be found in can be found in sections 320.77 and 320.771 (320.77(3)(g)(h)(i), 320.771(3)(g)(h)(i)), Florida Statutes.

Step 2: Complete a pre-licensing dealer training class requirement from a FLHSMV approved dealer training school.


Step 3: Obtain a sales tax number from the Florida Department of Revenue  

Step 4: Obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN from Internal Revenue System) IRS.GOV

Step 5: Obtain electronic fingerprinting for all officers of the dealership from a Florida Department of Law Enforcement approved service provider.  FDLE Providers
ATTENTION: You must give the fingerprint provider the following code so it will be recognized as a dealer license application for DMV:

ORI #FL921700Z

Fingerprints are approximately $60 -$100

License Application Submission Requirements:

Step 1: Submit a completed application (see form 86056) to FLHSMV with required documents (see below) and fee ($340.00) to the regional office responsible for the dealership

Step 2: Provide proof of Garage Liability Insurance to the FLHSMV for a minimum of $25,000 combined single-limit liability coverage including bodily injury and property damage protection and $10,000 personal injury protection. Copy of garage liability insurance signed by the garage liability insurance agent is required for all dealers listed above, except mobile home dealers not selling recreational vehicles. Mobile Home Dealers (DH) which sell park model trailers are exempt from submitting garage liability insurance coverage.   


Step 3: Provide the FLHSMV with the original 25,000 surety bond form 86018 for mobile home dealers

Step 4: Submit an irrevocable letter of credit in lieu of the surety bond for mobile home dealer applicants. See form 86058 for mobile home dealers

Step 5: Provide proof of registration to the FLHSMV of the business entity and fictitious name, if any, with the Florida Division of Corporations.  SUNBIZ.ORG

Step 6: Provide a copy of completion of dealer training to the FLHSMV; The applicant will be awarded a certificate of completion by a Department approved Dealer Training School after they complete the pre-licensing class. A copy of this certificate of completion is required with the license application.

Step 7: Provide a copy of a lease agreement to the FLHSMV

Step 8: Provide a proof of electronic fingerprinting to the FLHSMV from an FDLE service provider. Applicant must contact the FDLE approved service provider and be electronically fingerprinted. The provider will give the applicant a receipt and submit the fingerprints to FDLE. Applicant must attach a copy of this receipt with their license application.

Hassle Free Guarantee Dealer Bond

Whether applying for your first mobile home dealer license in Florida, or renewing an existing one, you have to submit a dealer application form, together with all necessary documents that prove you meet the requirements.

When you renew your license, you’ll have to renew your Florida mobile home dealer bond as well. As your business finances and personal credit score can change, make sure you work on improving those stats, so that you can reduce your surety bond cost over the years.

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