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Auto Hauler Insurance is a unique risks that most trucker insurance policies don’t cover. Our specialized auto transporter insurance Program provides coverage for those challenging situations that can arise on the road. Our auto transporter program includes commercial auto liability, physical damage, and cargo.  We insure small auto hauler with small trucks and large tractor and trailers. 


Why choose our Auto Transporter Insurance Program?

As an auto transporter, day-to-day operations expose you to unique risks that most trucking insurance policies do not cover, leaving the Owner Operator exposed to a financial liability that could drive them right out of business. The Car Hauler Insurance Program Insurance Program provides customizable comprehensive coverage packages.


1. Auto Hauler Constructive Total Loss

A new auto that is damaged while being transported that can be repaired to a safe driving condition, but not new car condition. A driver damages the roof of a new Audi. Although it would only cost $6,000 to repair the roof, Audi will crush the car due to liability concerns. Most insurers are only going to pay $6,000 for this claim with the car hauler paying the difference out-of-pocket. The Auto Transporter Program will pay the cost of the car, allowing the shipper (your customer) to determine the classification of damages, not the insurance company. The Car Hauler Insurance Program protects your relationship with your customer offering your company an advantage over your competitors!

2. Auto Hauler Over Height loads

If a load is too high and damage occurs while passing under a bridge or low structure spanning across the roadway overhead, the Car Hauler Insurance Program can cover this type of loss. Many policies do not include even this basic coverage.

3. Auto Hauler Diminished Value

The actual or perceived loss in market value or resale value that results from a direct or accidental loss to an auto being transported. When hauling new automobiles, your driver is unloading a new car worth $50,000, hits a pole and does $6,000 damage to the car. Once the car is repaired, the dealer may only be able to sell the car for $40,000 due to the damage. Most policy coverage is only going to pay $6,000 (less the deductible) to fix the car. The dealer will seek the remaining $10,000 from the owner operator, which the owner operator pays out-of-pocket. The Car Haulers Protector Insurance Program will pay that dealer the $10,000 and keep you moving down the road with peace of mind. You shouldn't have to be driven out of business because you made a mistake. Most policies consider this “consequential damage” and do not cover this loss leaving you holding the bag.

4. Auto Hauler Burglary or Theft from Unattended Vehicle

When a tractor/trailer is left unattended and a theft or accident occurs, many policies have numerous exclusions to avoid covering this type of loss. The Car Hauler Insurance Program covers this loss if normal reasonable measures are taken. Attention must be given to the details of any cargo policy to verify coverage against this type of loss. The size of the potential financial risk in this scenario can be devastating.

Many other coverages are available as well.  If you would like All American to quote you Auto Hauler Insurance please apply below.


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